6 Things to Prepare for Hurricane IRMA


By now you should have all the basics down such as enough water and food for at least three days, and have brought in any items from outside than can be picked up by the wind such as garbage cans or lawn chairs.

But here are six things you may have overlooked.

1) Scan all important documents and place them in a zip lock bag. You should also write down important phone numbers for relatives, your insurance company, gas and electric companies. If you are required to evacuate you can call them to check and see when power will be restored so you can return home.

1a) If you or and elder take medications write it down often times many people forget what medications they take, and having a semi-permanent list would help reduce stress when trying to get the prescriptions filled.

2) If you have flood insurance take pictures of all your rooms and save them online! This is very important and will help your insurance claim. If you have any expensive items take pictures of them as well as model/serial numbers. Insurance companies hate paying out so if you have “MacBook Air + Serial #” you have a better chance of getting some money back.

3) Get everything off the ground! That includes chairs, rugs and even drawers in your dressers. Your sentimental items such as picture frames and ornaments should be placed as high up as possible. As tempting as it may be to leave the curtains or blinds down to soak up water or prevent water entering your home they are useless! They will only be one more step you have to dispose as mold grows very quickly so tie the curtains up and leave the blinds up. Wet conditions and warm/ damp climate are a bad mix.

4) If your house does start to flood close all doors to keep the items in the room so it can be easier to find things when cleaning up.

Take a look at this video to see how items can drift around in a flooded garage.

5) Have an axe or wood saw ready! If you did not evacuate and flood waters are starting to rise extremely fast take an axe or wood saw up to the attic in case you have to get on the roof before drawing in your own house. If you have a chain saw or battery powered circular saw even better you’ll be able to get out much faster.

6) Turn off your power at the breaker panel or disconnect it from outside. Even after flood water has drained, water damaged appliances may still electrocute you.

To read more on Electric Safety during a flood visit: FloodList Electricity Safety.

To all my readers I hope you stay safe and Hurricane Irma dies down quickly with no damage done to the East Coast.

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