3-D printed Victorinox Swiss Army Scales?

It all started with an Instagram post that lead me to googling “Custom Swiss Army Knife Scales” I ended up on the site ShapeWays looking at a seller called “Electric Nonsense” (Adam Blanchard).  His bio states “I design functional pieces of art for people to use and enjoy every day. I intend to offer a diverse collection of items for your pockets, home and body.” Mostly Swiss Army Knife Scales. Here are some of his options, with most available in another colorway.


Now the way ShapeWays.com works is that it’s a 3-D print shop where users can upload their designs to a marketplace and ShapeWays will print it for them and ship it to the buyer. So essentially ShapeWays handles the financial, manufacturing, distribution and customer service and the designer/creator gets a piece of the profits.

For more on Shapeways you can watch this Video:


Anyways I placed my order for:


Raised Hex Custom Swiss Army Knife Side Scales $12.08 in a “Red Strong & Flexible Polished: Pinkish red, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.”

Red Strong & Flexible Polished

Width 2.3 in Height 0.1 in Depth 1.3 in

“Product Description

This is matching pair of scales which will fit onto the sides of any 58mm model Swiss Army Knife with removable plastic sides, including the popular Classic SD.

Each side of the pair has a different pattern of raised hexes.

These are solid scales without slots for the tweezer or toothpick accessories. I have designed them to fit fully and snugly, so depending on the tolerances of the material you order them in, you may need to wrap the knife in a towel and carefully tap them on with a solid object until the scales are fully seated on the knife. Once attached to your knife I do not recommend removing the scales as the attachment holes may become damaged.”


Magnetic Field Custom Swiss Army Knife Side Scales $14.74 3D printed in White Strong & Flexible: White nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.


This product description is similar to above except for this one it adds,

“The pattern is based on cubes oriented to a magnetic field.”

This had the “Be the first to try. Learn more” tag on it which essentially means I am the first to actually buy one and it will probably one of the first ones they make as well.

I did not know this until AFTER I ordered, paid and started writing this post. I initially wanted to try one but the discount code only qualified for orders over $25 (More on that later on). So I picked two and checked out.

I checked out as a guest and searched for “Shapeways promo code” on Google which lead me to Retailmenot and gave me two options for promo codes:

  1. 15% off your order (greetings15)
  2. Free shipping on orders of $25 or more (SHOPSHIPSEP17)

I keyed both in to see what would yield a larger discount. Option 1 lead to $4.07 off and Option 2 lead to $4.99 off and that is the cost of 3-5 day shipping using USPS the cheapest shipping option available.

There is also an option that will save you $3 that extends the production time by a week or two. However this cannot be combined with any other discounts so I passed on it.

My grand total came out to $26.82

This is where we are in the order stage.

shapeways order stage sept 3rd

Follow me on instagram @watchandknife and I will keep you posted with updates as they come.


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